Business Insights Global

Product Vision

For business professionals, entrepreneurs, students, and general researchers, Gale Business Insights: Global delivers comprehensive international business intelligence, compiled into a logical, usable context.

It’s the first online resource that empowers people to not only study international business, but also to interpret their research. Deep intelligence powered by statistical data helps users spend less time searching for data – and more time connecting their discoveries to practical applications.


This product is a new solution to a current business library product. We know that users are struggling to find the content we are providing, and librarians want/need a resource that is cutting edge and easy to use. We created a Persona Map of six main user groups for the product including undergrad students, masters students, faculty, professionals, and librarians.

We prioritized the product’s features to the primary persona. There are also features specifically to meet the librarian’s needs and keep their integration as smooth as possible. Finally, we are including features for the faculty member as they are the biggest influence on which resources students use.

We used scenarios and process flows to visualize the student’s need sand how to best meet them. We created prototypes and ran usability tests to validate and update our assumptions.


Phase 1 release happened at two major industry conferences and was well received. Stanford University, Harvard University, University of Maryland, and more, wanted to get more information on the product and are looking to purchase for the fall. Customers were happy to see the focus on the users and their flows through the product. Phase 2 was to build more features for the librarian and secondary persona while continuing usability testing. However, the product went to market as phase 1 and has only needed minor iterations for usability and marketability.