Rocket Mortgage

Product Vision

The first completely online and on-demand mortgage process, Rocket Mortgage was created to take a complicated and confusing mortgage process and make it fast, simple and transparent, thereby encouraging many hesitant buyers to enter the market.


As the UX Lead on Rocket Mortgage, I focused on building stronger experience flows for iterative updates. Using various techniques such as journey mapping, whiteboarding, and paper prototypes we were able to make good choices to give us the largest impact on learning, iterating and building.

To gain the regular feedback we implemented various forms of usability testing before and after we went to production including remote testings,, and usabilla testing. This allowed us to identify why clients were making decisions and we could pair this with the metrics we saw on the live product. This saved time and money through stronger releases and more informed choices.


The product never stopped researching for the best solution. Between regular user research and metrics across the entire experience, the design evolved and exceeded revenue expectations.